ACES Biography

The band was formed in 2011 when two brothers (aged 15 and 17), Tomas „Tomo“ Michalcak (lead vocals-guitar) and Lubo Michalcak (drums) recruited another 2 members – guitarist Steven Tomko and bass player Tomas Granec, who was replaced in the summer of 2013 by Paulina Morvay

First performances were held in Clubs in their hometown, Bratislava (SK-Europe), but the following year the band started to make it´s name outside their country. Probably the biggest achievment was a score at the Czecho-Slovak-Polish band competition Radegast Líheň 2013, where ACES were the youngest competitors of 217 bands, but still made it to the 2. place, and had the highest rating of all Czech and Slovak bands. In 2013 the band was playing more gigs in Czech Republic (Ostrava, Opava, Liberec…) but also in Hungary (Budapest) and in Austria (Vienna). In the summer of 2013 they performed at the biggest and most famous Slovak Rock Open-Air TOPFEST alongside names like Iron Maiden or Billy Talent.

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YouTube Videos

ACES had a big success with their international Fall TOUR 2013 with gigs in 4 countries.

At the end of 2013 ACES launches their first official video, the song Playin´ Oldschool

The start of 2014 was highlighted by a concert in Vienna with Horkýže Slíže, the best and legendary slovak band. Followed by a series of gigs with the top Austrian Rock-Band Easy, Aces joined the EVN Band Contest in Austria and made it to the finals, the Top4. Lubo Michalcak leaves for a longer overseas stay and the new drummer is Dominik Spuler.

Since 2014 the band has already some songs being played on Air in the radio (Radio Aligator, the rock radio) And new songs are recorded in the studio, along with gigs in their hometown and abroad e.g. the famous club Melodka in Brno (Czech republic) and Austria.

In 2015 Paulina left the band, and ACES with Samuel Somorjai (bass) started playing regular live performances as a Rock band in a new Musical production on the Nova Scena theater in the Slovak Capital. Of course along recording new songs and playing live gigs in Czech republic and Austria, and in Bratislava, e.g. performed at the Forbes magazine awards or as a support for the legendary Boney M. in Hant sports arena.

ACES Philosophy

Their music was described by Tomo as: “Raw Rock´n Roll – simple, packed with energy and good mood, doesn´t fit to the trends but makes people jump from their seats, dance, go crazy and have a good time.

The band´s philosophy is simple, “Don´t act…just play music!”. That´s why ACES bring something that has almost disappeared from the mainstream industry: straightforward live music, balanced with a stage show, that starts right at the moment when they jump on the stage, spontaneously and with power. Tomo: „Basically we go back to the roots, back to the old blues and Rock´n Roll. That´s where we take our inspiration from. From the music that´s so straight, raw and…true. That kinda may be the reason why people who see us (especially live) take us as some kind of a “real rock band”, because we play what we love, from the heart and with no need for a theatral and posing image.